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3 Day - 7 Trips SGD450
3 Day - 9 Trips SGD550
3 Day - 9 Trips SGD550
5 Day - 7 Trips SGD500
5 Day - 9 Trips SGD600
5 Day - 12 Trips SGD700
- All booking requires 1hr in-advance with prior Call/SMS/Email notification of destination.
- Promotional package is inclusive of the driver and vehicle only (Travel guide excluded) - At the end each transfer (trip), all personal possession and baggage’s will have to off-loaded the vehicle.
- Unused trips within the stated period of the promotion will not be refundable and cannot be brought forward for other bookings.
- Vehicle type will be arranged accord to discretion of the company (Toyota Alphard , Toyota Altis or Toyota Hiace)
- The vehicle will not be station with customer, and the vehicle may change for every trip.
- The days will be running continuously from the commence date of the booking.
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